Sunday, May 14, 2017

Decal Update

More Decals = More POWER!

You know, a lot of people think that they have to upgrade their car or the engine components to make their car faster, but what REALLY makes your car faster is MORE DECALS!

Our team of expert research scientists in the NMS labs have concluded that each individual decal or sticker you put on your car will increase it's speed, and boost the horsepower by 10hp. While other folks are wasting their money on expensive engines, turbos, superchargers, exhaust systems, fancy engine tunes, and better suspension parts or sticky tires, the NMS North team was able to increase the power of the FIAT Abarth by an easy 120 hp by just adding these stickers today.

Thanks to the following for the decals:

Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP), great race track
EBC Brake Pads, great brake pads, Yellow Stuff on the Abarth
National Auto Sport Association (NASA), great track events and other driving events
OG Racing, great Racer supplies
Snap-on Tools, great tools
Winding Road Racing, great Racer supplies

EBC Brakes and Winding Road Racing = 20hp!
EBC Brakes and NASA = 20 more horses!
The Snap-on Tools one is new, BAM! 10hp added!
OG Racing in the lower right = 10hp!
Snap-on plus the CMP track decal bring 20 more hp!
Winding Road racing and EBC Brakes add 20hp!

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