Friday, February 17, 2017

Motor Trend Richmond Virginia Auto Show

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid

Today I attended this annual auto show, and let me just say this: You get a free year's subscription to Motor Trend magazine with every paid admission! Hey, it pays for itself! I've attended this a few years in a row now, and a few years before that in Greenville SC, so look for a Motor Trend auto show near you!

The show in Richmond continues thru Sunday this weekend. Opens at 10am every day.

Here are some highlights!


Corvette Grand Sport, starts at only $67,000!

Corvette = 'MERICA!

Chevy Bolt = All Electric!

Chevy Suburban = When you need a BIG ONE!


My lovely assistant checks the Buick

Buick mesh in the sun roof

FIAT 124 Spider Abarth

FIAT 500
Honda Civic = Built in England, I did not know that. Some are also built in Canada

Mustang 5.0 GT


Mustang = 'MERICA!

Mustang California Special badge
Subaru BRZ


Mazda Miata

292 horsepower in a VW Golf for only $40,000


VW Wolfsburg badge on an SUV
Aston Martin = Good enough for James Bond!

Alfa Romeo 4C = Carbon Fiber body

Mercedes AMG GT

Lexus = My least favorite grill in the world

Mustang Shelby display

Classic Mustang G.T. 350

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