Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back To School: Part 2

Evolution Performance Driving School
We recently wrote about a few drag-racing schools that look like should be required education in every school in the US, (strictly to make drivers safer, not because it would be 100% totally awesome and really fun to have high school drag race teams as popular as football!). However, we realized that there are a LOT more driving schools out there, and there is bound to be something near you, or at least one that catches your interest. Here's a quick review of just some of the driving schools that let you get behind the wheel and learn some new skills or refine your driving technique.

The Bridgestone tire people sponsor winter driving schools in scenic Steamboat Springs Colorado. There are classes on safely driving on snow, performance driving on snow, and they can customize any kind of school you like. Some of the options they list on their website include ice racing, operating ambulance and fire vehicles on ice, tactical driving skills, and other fun events. Get all the info at Bridgestone Drive

There are a LOT of places to go to school and further your education, and I'm talking about DRIVING education. Check out this article from USA Today: USA TODAY with their 10 cool driving schools!

The folks at Ford have some unique schools too. FORD

One school that NMS recommends is the Evolution Driving School, which specifically teaches car handling skills for autocross. We've both taken the 1 or 2 day schools, and learned from great drivers that have won national titles in SCCA autocross. Check their schedule, because they will likely be running a school somewhere near you this year. EVO SCHOOL

There are some driving experiences you can get for FREE, well, free if you buy a certain brand of car and get yourself to where the school takes place! The Ford folks (linked above) will give you a day of  driving for FREE when you buy a Fiesta ST or Focus ST. Similarly, the FIAT folks will do the same if you purchase an Abarth model like the 500 Abarth or the new 124 Spider Abarth. I took advantage of this school with a day of driving activities at the Autobahn Country Club near Chicago a few years ago, and it was a lot of fun!
Abarth Experience

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