Sunday, February 5, 2017

Freezing Weather-Hot Cars!

Our local Cars and Coffee in Virginia Beach yesterday started off below the freezing mark, but in spite of that, there were plenty of hot cars to view, car folks to chat up, and great coffee from the fine folks at Java Surf on Laskin Road! Here's just some of the highlights we spotted.

Classic Chevy pickup!

Lamborghini-classic Italian!

Alfa Romeo 4C-More Italian!

The new Acura NSX: Designed and Built in the USA!

Acura NSX: Specifically, Ohio!


VA Beach Cars and Coffee: 1st Saturday of the Month!

Green Triumph: Great Britain
Blue MIatas: Japan

Part of the scene

Lamborghini in Yellow!

52 Chevy: Awesome!

FIAT and big friend

Land Rover: More from Great Britain

Ford Mustang Fastback

Porsche Cayman: Spoiler Alert!

American Motors (AMC) Javelin!

Some call him The Stig!

Ford Econoline van

VW Beetle

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