Friday, January 6, 2017

The World's Easiest Car Repair: Krazy Glue

Red Duct Tape in Action
At an autocross last year, I was driving the FIAT and in the middle of some maneuver, the little air bag cover in the middle of my steering wheel popped out of position. Needless to say, that didn't help my driving time the rest of the run as I was trying to pop it back into position and stay on course. For some reason the cover didn't want to go back in, so I just lived with it for a few weeks. At the next monthly autocross I knew I had to repair this thing somehow, so I grabbed some big old red sticky duct tape and made sure it didn't bother me anymore. Remember, if duct tape or a hammer won't fix something, then you might have to hire an expert. The red tape worked wonders for the rest of the summer, but it did look kind of dumb, so the other day it was finally time to figure this thing out.

Air bag at rest
After peeling off the red tape, I just had to pop the center cap back in, so I wanted to try some Krazy Glue on it also to make sure. Before doing that though, a bit of Goo Gone took care of the mess on the steering wheel. You should use these products in a ventilated stuff, wear some gloves, and keep the chemical stuff off your hands.

Tape Residue
Goo Gone = Good Golly!
Krazy Glue = Professional Hand Model

Back to Normal
This was way less complicated than an engine rebuild, replacing a fuel filter, or anything like that! Happy driving!

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