Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NMS Wants YOU to Go to School!

Some people like going to school, some people don't. The biggest difference for most of us is what kind of school it is. Clown college? It has it's fans I'm sure. McDonalds Hamburger University? Very important if McDonalds is your career. When it comes to driving you might have even taken some driver's training in school. Beyond that, there are plenty of ways to go to school to become a safer or faster driver, depending on your desires.

As far as driving school for racers, I'm thinking that the easiest or least complicated school would be drag racing school! I've never tried it, but it sounds simple. Take 1 car, line up at a drag strip, wait for the green light, and then go as fast as you can in a straight line. None of that tricky turning the steering wheel or braking for a corner, no need to memorize a complicated series of left and right hand turns; just GO!

Of course that is too simplistic and there is a fine art to launching the car, setting up the suspension, shifting, picking the best tires and other car parts to maximize performance, etc. Hmmm, that makes drag racing sound a bit more complicated, so maybe I need to go to school!

You might want to check out Roy Hill's Drag Racing School, located in Sophia NC, a bit south of Greensboro: Roy Hill  You can drive your own car, and besides driving skills, they'll help you set it up and discuss everything there is to know about drag racing! If you're a Facebooker, find them at Roy Hill Facebook

Another school is at Frank Hawley and they travel around the country and instruct drag racing at various tracks. You can find them on Facebook too: Frank Hawley Facebook

For more information, direct from the National Hot Rod Association, check out their website: NHRA
or their Facebook page: NHRA Facebook

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