Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cars and Coffee, Coffee and Cars

Today was the monthly Cars and Coffee get together in Columbia SC, and it was a great day weather wise too!  These are informal hang-outs, not car shows with judges or anything like that, so if you find one near you I recommend you check it out.

 I ran into another Fiat, so we set up a massive Italian section of TWO!
 My favorite of the day was this Lincoln, V-12  with big ol' whitewall tires.  I'm not sure, but my best guess is it is from around 1941.
 There were a lot of contemporary Mustangs, and this 1977 Mustang II with V8 power. Not a lot of these driving around every day!
And for the Chevy faithful, along with a lot of Corvettes and at least one 60s Stingray, this BelAir was looking nice in the morning sun!

You can find out more about the Columbia SC Cars and Coffee on their Facebook page, and look for the May edition on either the 24th or 31st.  More photos from today are on our NMS Flickr page at the link over there on the right.

Tune in again in the very near future and we should have a report on the Autocross #2 at Michelin Proving Grounds tomorrow.

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