Sunday, April 6, 2014

British Car Show, Featuring British Cars!

You  might have noticed we have a link to our Flickr website for photos, so if you are a fan of British Cars you might want to check out some photos I took yesterday at a local car show. Thanks to the British Car Club Midlands Center here in Columbia SC for hosting this big event once per year.  This weekend their show was held in conjunction with the Tartan Day South, so along with looking at cars I got to see a whole lot of folks wearing kilts, food, displays, dancing, music, dogs herding animals, and etc.

My favorite two cars were a Sunbeam LeMans hard top, and a particular Austin Healey that had a two tone blue and white paint job. In addition to those, I loved seeing several MGB GTs, Triumph Spitfires and Triumph TR7/TR8s, old and new Jaguars, and all the rest. There was one recent Aston Martin, an old Austin Limo, a lot of MGs, one Lotus, and some new Jaguars and Land Rovers on display from the Columbia Jaguar dealer as well.

I have to thank my brother Brad for the interest in British cars, and his Triumph Spitfire and the new red TR7 that he had.

Here is the link to the British cars:  British Car Photos

And here are my two favorites:

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