Monday, July 1, 2024

Road Trip With the Porsche Club

Still retired, at Great Falls SC

The Porsche Club sponsors more than just competitive autocross and track events, and last weekend Julie and I joined them for a fun drive through the countryside of South Carolina. One fun part of this event was that it was also supporting a charity, so we're happy to try and do our part to make the world a better place. 

Driver meeting

About 30 cars met up at the Harris Teeter grocery store in Indian Land SC, and after getting organized into 2 driving groups, we hit the road. Before that, we donated to the charity to enter our own little car show at lunch time later and bought some of the raffle tickets in an effort to win some prizes (and also raise more money for a food bank charity.) Like always, I had a feeling we would win a prize, and later we did! Julie won a Porsche baseball hat! Just don't tell Brian, because it might be his Christmas present this year!

That's a 1953 Porsche!

So, we follow our group leader, and some of the drivers and the last driver in the group had some radios to communicate. We bought some radios for this event to be in the cool-kids club, and promptly left them at home! Oh well, we only got separated from the group once, near the Great Falls SC dam. After a little solo driving, we just headed to the lunch stop, and caught up to everyone there. 

Julie wins a raffle prize!

We were at a place called Beaver's Den on Lake Wateree and had a nice lunch and met some new folks. The cars parked next to the lake, and even in the heat it was a great event. The cars ranged from a BMW and a lot of Porsches, with a few of them being older models, like a 1953 Porsche! I thought that was the coolest car there, and it really was nice compared to mostly newer models mostly built since 2000. 

Porsches at Lake Wateree

Hey, whatever kind of car you drive, there's probably a car club or event near you too, so I'll suggest you get out there and do some fun stuff with that grocery getter or rare collectible or whatever it is that you drive. 

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