Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cars and Coffee Doubleheader!

British made TVR! Something you don't see often in the US!

Last weekend, well, there were just too many automotive events in the greater Rock Hill - Charlotte area, so I visited two of them, and here's some photos. On Saturday, I was at the monthly (2nd Saturday) Cars and Coffee in York SC with a lot of mostly older cars, with a good mix of newer Mustangs. Then on Sunday, I headed over to Waxhaw NC for the monthly (2nd Sunday I guess!) Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers event. There I saw more classic older cars, and more modern super-cars too. 

Japanese domestic market (JDM) Nissan Figaro! I've seen 1 or 2 around Charlotte, maybe this is the same one! Now over 25 years old, so you can import them. 

Coffee wise, in York I always enjoy a cup of Java at Southern Touch Bakery since they sponsor the event, and it is good stuff! Over in Waxhaw, the organizers had some free coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, and as you might already know, "Free is My Favorite Flavor!" 

Mid-60s Belvedere! 

Now that the coffee is out of the way (so to speak, know what I mean Verne?), on to the cars! And trucks! And home-made cars! These first shots are all in York SC. 

Dune Buggy...SWEET!

OK, I forget what this car was, since I was focusing on the 2 brake lines coming out of the master cylinder and the cool circles in the lines. 

A Lil' Red Express Truck is still cool! Fight me!

Now heading over to Waxhaw NC...

This amazing BLUE interior is in another British car, a McLaren. 

More foreign car interior, late 80s Alfa Romeo Spider. Check out the gear shift lever up in the dash.

A Subaru Forester, because...SPOILER ALERT!

If you don't love this body style Corvette, taillights, and split chrome bumper, well, we just can't be friends!

Remember kids, "El Camino" is Spanish for..."THE CAMINO!"
I don't write the jokes folks; I just pass them along. 

Before Porsche developed the 911, they made the 356.

Voodoo 52 Mustang

Another British car, the Triumph TR7.

Classic Ford truck

Just taking a wild guess here, a 1986 air-cooled Porsche 911. 

There were a few Lamborghinis, here's a green one!

Before Ford sold millions of Model As, they sold millions of Model Ts.

Were there any hot rods? YES!
Any cars with flames? YES!

Going for the artsy shot here by focusing on the cool Packard hood ornament with the flaming hot rod in the background. 

Out of two Cars and Coffee events, I saw exactly one Ferrari. It looked like this!

I'm filing this under "Easy to change spark plugs!"

Let's review that Spanish lesson from earlier. "EL CAMINO" translates to what?
B: Extra Large Camino?
D: El Cam Nino? (Camshaft Kid?)

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