Tuesday, December 26, 2023

What Is A Lemons Race?

A Bunch of Idiots

NMS-South and the Bunch of Idiots recently completed another 24 Hours of Lemons race, this time up at Road America in Wisconsin. The crazy people that sponsor this type of racing all across the US of A have just released their video wrap-up of the craziness that took place, so you can check it out at this link on YouTube:  LEMONS

The basic idea (and it IS very basic,) behind Lemons is a simple 3-part process:

    Part 1get a beater $500 car.

    Part 2: make it safe for racing (roll cage, race seat, fire system, and all drivers wear fire suits, helmets, etc.

    Part 3then you put gas in the car and go racing! 

That's it, no million-dollar racecars built of unobtanium or expensive carbon fiber! No TV coverage to speak of and no need to race a go-kart starting at age 5 to get good enough to "make it!" No billion-dollar sponsorships! 

OK, it helps if you can drive and play well with others, read some rules and build a SAFE car, avoid contact on track, and have a clue of how to keep your car in operating condition. And you do have to pay some entry fees and use up some tires, gas, and brake pads. But compared to just about any other get-on-a-track-and-race-against-dozens-of-other-cars, it's about as cheap and safe as it gets. We highly recommend you try it. 

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