Friday, December 29, 2023

Fantasy F1 Wrap-Up

Looking for F1 Fantasy insider info at the Miami race. 

The real 2023 Formula 1 season has ended, which also means that the F1 Fantasy League season is complete. Luckily for me, the game allows you to have 3 teams, so full disclosure here, I'm certainly only going to talk about the best of my 3 teams here today! Let's go to the statistics. 

In the league that I created, the NMS-Racing.Net league, well, my three teams took the bottom 3 places!     
    -Congratulations to the first-place team named ***Q***. 
    -Congrats to the second-place team named Rockplace.
    -Congrats to the third-place team Washups. 

If you're the team owner of team ***Q***, congrats, and could you let me know who you are! The online fantasy game doesn't tell me who entered. 

World-wide there were 2,413,984 competitors in F1 Fantasy online, and my best team was ranked 398,342nd place, which is into the top 17%!

There were 3,653 players named Robert, and I took 1,612th place out of those losers, so top 44%. Better than half? I'll take it!

My best Fantasy driver was now 3-time world champion Max Verstappen, which was the no-brainer of the year. Verstappen won 19 out of 22 races in reality!

Out of over 300,000 Fantasy players in the USA, my team took 50,617th place! Maybe a commemorative t-shirt or a foam big finger saying, "WE'RE NUMBER 50,617!" would be a big hit!

Amongst all the Ferrari fans, (over 700,000) I managed 89.409th place, so about top 13%. 

Look for the 2024 NMS-Racing.Net Fantasy League to start some time in February! Here's the link to learn how to get started!   fantasy formula1 how-to-play

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