Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The "Bunch of Idiots" Racing Team Returns!

The Purple Miata is ready for another trip, although a new color scheme and theme will also be unveiled at this weekend's race. We guarantee it will be hilarious! No spoilers!

The Bunch of Idiots racing team announced that they would be returning to racing with the 24 Hours of Lemons series at Road America this weekend. With their mighty Mazda Miata, the team will be hitting the road for Wisconsin, to enjoy racing at another one of America's famous tracks. The two-day race will be held October 7-8, and the team plans to do some test driving on October 6th at Road America as well.

Pre-race prep discovered a little trouble with the flywheel, so a new part was installed. 

If you're not familiar with The 24 Hours of Lemons racing, you are really missing something! Want to race on a track yourself? Then Lemons is for you! You can get lots of info at the official website:

Some new coolant lines were also installed, so the Miata should be ready to rock. 

The short version is that you find a car for say $500, make it race-worthy with a full cage, race seats, fire suppression system, safety harness, and etc, and then you GO RACING! The Bunch of Idiots team have raced a 70s Dodge Coronet to first place in C class, and currently can be found racing their mighty Miata. Along the way, they've experienced some great tracks, met some great folks, done some overnight car repairs to keep running, and overall have had a lot of fun. 

This weekend will also feature a Friday night parade 5-9pm of all the "racecar" entries (spelled it backwards just to make sure you are paying attention!) So, if you are anywhere near Elhart Lake Wisconsin this Friday night, go check out the free outdoor block party with all the drivers crazy enough to race their $500 cars! This event is free to the public, so check it out. On Saturday and Sunday you can go to the Road America track and watch the racing for an admission fee, or follow along with live timing on the Race Monitor app from your friendly app store!

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