Sunday, October 1, 2023

Report From National Drive Electric Week

The new Hummer: Electric Vehicle

Last Saturday Julie and I headed up to Troutman NC for a Drive Electric Week event. That's not the only thing we did, because, well, yeah, first we got up and watched the Formula 1 practice and qualifying from the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. Being about 12 hours ahead of us, these events had already happened like at 10pm and 2am, and dang it, I just didn't feel like waking up in the middle of the night! OK, where was I? Oh yeah! Electric cars!

At first glance I thought this was the Rivian SUV, but it's the Hummer.

Hummer tailgate turns into a step, good idea!

I like to joke that since we live fairly close to a hydro-electric dam and a nuclear power station that there should be plenty of electricity around, so maybe electric cars are OK. Here's a few more we saw: 

Polestar. Interesting to see one since I just visited their new Charlotte dealership last week. 

This is the new Nissan Ariya, and maybe the first one I've seen in real life. They have a bunch of TV commercials. 

Kia EV6. Kind of similar looking to other SUVs and electrics like the VW ID4.

Another Kia

Volvo electric, similar looking SUV to the others.


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