Monday, July 24, 2023

NMS Together Again

North vs. South, 2023 version. 

The NMS squad today announced that both South and North drivers would be competing on July 29th at Darlington. You might have heard of this famous track which is known as "Too Tough To Tame!" However, we'll be just on the outside of the track, driving the Cayman in autocross in the Darlington parking lot, AKA the "Parking Lot Too Tough to Tame."

Brian at Darlington with the NMS BMW. 

With the Sports Car Club of America's South Carolina Region, this event will mark a return to our very first autoX event location way back10 years ago; same place, same parking lot, and only the cars have changed! We'll be in the B Street class, so like normal we'll see if anyone else enters this class, and also compare our actual RAW time with all the other drivers, as well as the modified PAX time that attempts to make up for differences in all cars and horsepower. 

The main competition will be NMS internal bragging rights, to see who can best the other in the same exact car. Stay tuned to see how this battle turns out!

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