Thursday, July 13, 2023

NMS Daily Driver Now Honda Powered!

New Wheels

From their world HQ in South Carolina, the NMS team announced just hours ago that their daily driver (DD) is now Honda hybrid powered. This puts the NMS grocery-getter on par with the Honda powered Red Bull Formula 1 team, so we're expecting a huge amount of power from the new Accord! With 247 lb-ft of torque, we're not complaining!

The 2.0 liter 4 cylinder, plus 2 electric motors adds up to 204HP!

After 12 years of great reliability from the 2011 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder, the team welcomes a 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid to the stable. After looking at the EPA mileage for hybrids, it made sense to go with a new car (believe it or not) that gets 51mpg around town. With that kind of savings on the gas budget, we'll be millionaires in NO TIME! No complaints on the 175,000 plus miles on the Toyota, but the Honda was in stock and ready to rock!

Baby You Can Drive My Car!

This is also a first for NMS-North to join a lot of the rest of the planet, and venture into the last dozen years of car technology! Things like Apple Car Play, Lane Keep Assist, and the built in jacuzzi with food replicator are all new to us! There's nothing like jumping in the back seat tub and saying "Tea, Earl Grey Hot" and watching the magic happen! While this doesn't change the main NMS autocross and track cars, it was fun to make a major upgrade to the daily driver. 

One highlight in the first days was leaving a restaurant, and in the drive out of the parking lot (maybe 100 yards), one quick glance at the MPG for the "trip" so far showed 199.9 MPG, which I assume was all on electric power! Yeah, an F1 car might go 200mph, but I don't think the Red Bull F1 car can do this!!

199.9MPG! Read 'em and weep Max Verstappen!

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