Thursday, July 28, 2022

NMS Driver to Aston Martin F1 Team?

Sebastian Vettel (left) and Brian Nixon (right)
Current and future Aston Martin F1 drivers?
Body doubles?

Four time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has announced his retirement at the end of the current season, so NMS-Racing can now report that our unconfirmed anonymous and totally made up sources claim off the record in fantasyland that NMS-South driver Brian Nixon will be filling the Aston Martin seat in 2023. We caught up to the NMS driver at an undisclosed location near Columbia SC, where these photos reveal that not only does Nixon drive like Vettel (upright, in the drivers seat, using the pedals and steering wheel to make the car go fast) but that he also resembles the German F1 star!

While we can only speculate that this resemblance might have possibly maybe kinda-sorta been an undercover plot from  Formula 1for Nixon to serve as a body-double in F1 and/or a stunt double of some kind, the formal announcement of Vettel retiring leaves us with the only possible conclusion that Brian Nixon will be driving for the Aston Martin squad next season!

The next Aston Martin F1 driver from NMS-South

While the NMS team will miss their star driver, it just might be possible that Brian will be able to use his private jet and fleet of battery powered X-Wing Star Wars aircraft to good use, and continue competing in both F1 and various other races series in the US like normal. 
Stay tuned to for further developments that will surely see  a new world champion in the Aston Martin as early as 2023! 

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