Sunday, June 5, 2022

June Autocross Report

Summer-stay hydrated out there!

June 5th was this month's autocross event with the local Porsche Club, so I headed out to the Nassau Coliseum for some fun competition. The weather was great, and a field of 44 drivers turned out, with 11 Porsches. 

Back at the Nassau Coliseum

Bottom line, I had my best PAX placing ever, taking 2nd overall, so that was one better than a couple of 3rd place finishes I've managed. Hey, just give me about ten years of practice and maybe I can do OK in this sport! The driving was a lot of fun, mostly because my last run of 9 on the day was my fastest, and it was 1.5 seconds faster than my previous best from the morning. My driving tip of the day, and apparently the secret of autocross or track driving is this: "Make the car go faster."

Here's a video from my best lap, hopefully you can tell it was a challenging course, with a good mix of fast sections and a very slow finish that made it challenging. 

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