Saturday, June 4, 2022

Autocross Course Prep

This Lambo has nothing to do with autocross this weekend, I just spotted it Saturday and liked the ORANGE color. 

We've got another autocross event on Sunday, so on Saturday some of the club members headed out to set up the course. Here's how that works:

Cone Crew Confers Concerning Cone-ology

Just set up cones to get a feel for the course, and then add enough cones that will help point everyone the right way around the maze of cones. There are safety guidelines for setting up autocross courses, mostly a bunch of common sense tips like don't get too close to hard objects like light poles and curbs. Courses are also set up to not be too high speed, which sounds kind of odd, but realistically, driving around a tricky course in a parking lot is not the place to determine the maximum speed your car will go. Let me suggest a track is a good place for that, and not a public road. As a bonus for being out for the set-up, we had a fly-over by the Nassau Coliseum too!

After the course was pretty much set up, we started chalking the course, which just means outlining each cone so that the course workers know where to replace it when/if  it gets knocked away by a car. Since we set up the day before, and it wasn't predicted to rain over night, our chalk should still be there Sunday, making the set up pretty easy. If it was going to rain we could mark the cones with crayon or something a bit more water-proof. Oh, and since we didn't want to leave a couple hundred cones deserted in a public parking lot overnight, after all the set-up work we picked them back up. Long story short, this will just make Sunday's event run smoother. 

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