Sunday, May 1, 2022

Colorful Cars and Coffee

Colorful Cars and Coffee at Macy's
Ruby Red Metallic Cayman and an Audi R8 closest to camera. 

May 1st was a nice day, and the local Cars and Coffee get together was a bit larger than the first few of the year. Instead of looking at how expensive, how fast, or how rare some of these cars might be, let's just appreciate them for their color. So many cars today are black, silver, or white, so I appreciate anything that is a real color!

Let's start with the coolest color car of the day, a color-changing Nissan GT-R. Check out the walk-around video:

Two blue cars, first up: Audi R8

Chevrolet Corvette

I'll guess it's a 1985 BMW in red

This Porsche is certainly orange. One of their names for orange is Lava Orange.

This head turner is red, likely Porsche's Guard Red

Another red BMW 2002 and a GREEN Lamborghini, with the orange Porsche too. 

"Green Lamborghini STO." Now that's something you don't see every day!

And a red car with a (SPOILER ALERT) big wing!
Not sure I believe that "student driver" sticker!

Two BMWs in the same color, whatever it is. 

One more blue car, this one from Porsche

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