Monday, January 18, 2021

Porsche Project 7: Simple, Easy, Piece of Cake!

Just added the McLaren flag, love the papaya orange!

Here's a totally optional bit of work on the car that doesn't make the car go faster, but some people love this way of making their car look cooler or cleaner. The Cayman doesn't have an easy way to attach a front license plate, and some owners (so I've heard) are so picky about putting some holes in the plastic bumper to mount a license plate that they just might not even bother, and just drive around illegally with only one plate. If you live in one of the states where you don't need a front license plate, no problem! 

When I got this car, it already had the plate mounted on the front, so that's how I kept it until now. Thanks to a friendly Porsche owner on Long Island who didn't need this license plate mount, here's my latest bit of car part for mounting the license plate to the tow bar. What's a tow bar? Glad you asked!

Four screws to mount the license plate on this frame, a big black screw in holder that 
goes into the tow hook receptacle, and an Allen wrench

Before using the new mount, the top is attached by two screws with chrome covers 

Screw covers removed (easy!)

Plate, frame, black plastic Porsche backing all removed, bring on the new thing!
Only had to use a screwdriver so far. Easy!

This round cover pops out pretty easily, although you can see the bumper has been scratched from previous removal. 

Ah ha, there is the threaded tow hook mount hiding back there. 
The car comes with a tow hook, so the next time I'm on a track I'll take off the license
plate and put the tow hook in....and then drive safely so I don't need to be towed!

Attaching the license plate tow hook holder thingy with a 19mm wrench. Easy

Attaching the plate holder with an Allen wrench. Easy

Fastening the 4 bolts with the Allen wrench and a 10mm. This Snap-on wrench makes up 50% of my Snap-on tools, so as you can tell, I haven't won the lottery yet! 

Done, told you it was easy! 

So far I'm not sure I'll keep it this way because the license plate sticks out a bit from the bumper, and there are some small screw holes from the original mounting point. I've read that those holes can be filled with putty or whatever and painted to match the bumper color, but my gut feeling is I'm not worried about the appearance that much. Now if there is proof that 4 small screw holes in the bumper make the car more aerodynamic and FASTER, well, then I'm keeping it the way it is!

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