Sunday, April 19, 2020

Don't Just Sit There, (part 3) OK, Sit There and Watch Some Racing Today!

Well, the real Formula 1 would be racing in China today, but since they're not racing in China today...why not watch some Formula 1 computer Grand Prix action from China today? Confused yet? It's simple, tune in at 1PM Eastern time today to watch some of today's real F1 drivers, and some other personalities race on their simulators in China! It's just that simple.

The F1 folks explain it in this article: Virtual F1 Grand Prix

Is there an audience for virtual racing? I'd say yes, mostly because there isn't any real racing! This will be broadcast on ESPN, Sky Sports in the UK, and a variety of streaming internet platforms such as, F1 YouTube, Twitch, and Weibo.

Speaking of Grand Prix cars, and life before the virus, here's a look back at one year ago today in NMS history. Julie, Brian, and I visited the New York Auto Show, and enjoyed seeing this Sauber-Alfa Romeo F1 car up close and personal:

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