Sunday, April 5, 2020

Don't Just Sit There (Part 2) Watch Something!

Yours truly with Alfa Romeo F1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi. He'll be
online racing today, ESPN2 at 3PM Eastern

All around the world, motor sports fans are busy not driving and not going to races. The smart ones are still in the garage working on their cars, ordering car stuff on line, or studying their race videos and data to become better drivers. Even with all of that, you might have some free time left over, so what in the world is there to do? Glad you asked!

Today at 3pm Eastern, on ESPN2 of all places, some of the current Formula 1 drivers, and a few other folks, will be racing against each other. This is the 2nd official F1 simulation race, and the track for this race is Australia. Other race series are doing similar events, so let's move on to books and movies. ESPN Article

While companies that want to make money like to have you stuck on their website, NMS is not here to make money, so we actually want you to leave THIS website and check out these other ones. Hey, we're just helpful.

If you're a reader, here's's ten Formula 1 books to read: Books

NMS-North has a few books on the shelf, and besides looking at the pictures, sometimes I actually read them! Other than stories about driver from the past, some of the more recent books I like:
   How To Build a Car, Anthony Newey, he's designed racing cars for many teams, won the titles
   Total Competition, Ross Brawn, he led multiple title winning teams, now the F1 technical chief
   Enzo Ferrari, Luca Dal Monte, very in depth story of Enzo's entire life
   How to be an F1 Driver, Jenson Button, the F1 world champion tells a great story
   Hobbo, Motor Racer, Motor Mouth, David Hobbs, driver, broadcaster, now author David Hobbs' autobiography

Let's move on to movies, films, documentaries, etc. Everybody seems to have a list of these, so here's a few:

   -Red Bull lists 5 top films/documentaries: Red Bull 5 Films
   -141 Films that reference F1 on IMDB:  IMDB F1 Films
   -Top 5 Must Watch Movies on F1 from DriveTribe:   Drivetribe Films
  - Drivetribe Readers pick 32 favorite car movies:   Drivetribe Readers Picks

At this point, if you're not into computer racing on TV, reading, or films, how about a coloring book from our friends at Automobile magazine?  Automobile Mag Coloring Book

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