Sunday, June 16, 2019

Cars and Coffee Ferrari Style!

On Father's Day, Ferrari and Maserati of Long Island hosted a Cars and Coffee for their customers, and some of the rest of us showed up to take a look at the cars as their owners were breakfasting! Here we go:

Are all Ferraris Red?

Not Red!

812 Superfast

Not Red

308 Magnum era car

Not the Same old Red!

Really Not Red!

Not Red Again!

I Like the Detail of the Little Winglet on the Floor for Aero

Nice Stripe

Scaglietti 612

355 in Yellow, V8 Powered

Not Just Red, but a Redhead Testarossa


First there was the Ferrari 458. Then the Speciale version. Then, the Speciale edition that
was open, or Aperta. I think they only built 499 of these. 

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