Saturday, April 27, 2019

NMS-South Does Another Lemons Race TODAY!

#287 Ready for Lemons

Brian is once again driving with the Team Coronautski crew (re-branded as "Bunch of Idiots) at Carolina Motorsports Park, from 11am today to 11am Sunday. You might remember that last time out they finished first in Class C with the old purple Dodge Coronet, but this time they're back with a new 1990 Miata! You can find out all about Lemons racing at their website: LEMONS

How Do You Drive All Night? Add Lights!

With five drivers, the team plans on going with 90 minute driving stints, rotating drivers, and with the much lighter weight Miata being able to use fewer tires, less gas, and way less brake pads during this race compared to the ancient Dodge. The biggest challenges will likely be driving in the dark on an unlighted race course, so of course the Lemons safety people require working lights and brake lights. For the drivers, being able to mentally handle the straight 24 hours of driving, refueling, and completing any needed repairs could rely on getting some rest while not driving. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would race for 24 hours straight!

How About This Light Up Pit Arrow!

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