Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lemons Race Unofficial Results

The Team Coronautski (AKA: A Bunch of Idiots) Miata Finishes Under the Checkered Flag!

(This blog post subtitled: Way Too Many AKA's in Parenthesis)

Brian Nixon (AKA: NMS-South) and the rest of Team Coronautski (AKA: Bunch of Idiots) just completed another 24 Hours of Lemons (AKA: LEMONS)  race, and this one was a real 24-hours-straight-no-stopping-go-all-night automobile race with 80 cars in various states of disrepair trying to compete on a track that turns both ways at Carolina Motorsports Park (AKA: CMP). While the Coronautskis had previously run their circa 1972 Dodge Coronet, this time they scaled back on car size, (and expense for gas, tires, brakes, etc) with a 1990 Miata. We're happy to report that overall this event was a success, and the team finished somewhere around the middle of the pack despite a wheel bearing and some other minor issues that found them off track for a few hours on Sunday morning.

Driver Schedule
Above is the ideal perfect great plan of splitting up the driving for 24 hours, and of course before the first stint was over this schedule went right out the window! There was a long full course  yellow for safety during Brian's opening stint, so instead of 90 minutes he stayed out for about 2 hours. I guess racing is like combat, no plan survives the initial contact, or "the enemy always gets a vote."

The first challenge of racing 24 hours in a row seems to be to have a car that actually keeps moving under it's own power, and the drivers wisely chose the standard Miata instead of a car that is no longer made! While those amateurs at LeMans and other real races may spend millions of dollars, and have  hundreds of support people, Team Coronautski and their 5 drivers still managed to run the distance and rack up some 425 laps on the 2.27 mile road course. My math isn't real great, but my calculator spits out over 964 miles! When's the last time you drove nearly a thousand miles, got no sleep, but got to also spend that time with your best friends and 79 other similar crazy people? That's kinda sorta what Lemons racing is all about.

South Carolina Racers, Team Altimate, Team Coronautski, Shellie's House of Speed

Our friends from Team Altimate (the green one above) finished with a great Futurama themed car, and placed even better than their last Lemons race, likely because yours truly (AKA: NMS-North) wasn't driving for them this time! Shellies House of Speed brought two awesome cars under the guise of Senior Citizens Club of America (AKA: SCCA), the Datsun B210 Dirtie Dirtsun and another equally old Civic.
Team Altima!

We'll let Brian fill us in on some of the details later, so for now that's it for this report.

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