Sunday, July 29, 2018


According to our friends at Motor Trend magazine, here are the top 10 selling cars of the first half of 2018 here in the US. The full article is here: MOTOR TREND

I'm sure that SUVs and trucks sell more total vehicles, so this list is just looking at cars, which believe it or not, still exist and will get your from point A to point B. Let's take it two at a time and see which country and which brand hits this list the most. Me, I'm rooting for FIAT or Mazda to support the NMS autocross cars. 

10 Chevy Malibu 76,417
9   Chevy Cruze  77,691

Hey, good old Chevrolet has two cars in the top ten, can any other maker match that?

8   Ford Fusion  86,978
7   Hyundai Elantra  99,728

Hmmm, OK, one foreign maker and Ford so far makes it USA 3 and South Korea 1.
What country will win this competition?

6  Nissan Sentra  115,676
5  Nissan Altima  123,792

Dang, Nissan jumps up and ties Chevy with two cars so far, and puts Japan on the board, but still trailing the USA with USA 3 cars, Japan 2 cars, and South Korea 1 car. I had a Sentra long ago and it was good for being your basic small car. 

4  Honda Accord  138,290
3  Toyota Corolla  161,462

Well well well, two more Japanese cars, with one each from Honda and Toyota. Looks like the top two selling cars will determine what country has the most in the top ten, as well as which brand takes honors for landing the most in the top selling list. 

2  Honda Civic  176,242
1  Toyota Camry  178,795

Once again the Toyota Camry leads the way, but now with a narrow margin over the Honda Civic. We kind of make fun of our Camry for being a non-sports car, but it is still running strong over 100,000 miles, and that's with the smaller 4 cylinder engine. 

Totals brand wise show a big old four way tie, with Chevy, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota all having two cars in the top ten! Hats off to the Japanese brands for cleaning up by nation, 6 of the top 10, USA 3, and South Korea 1. Maybe the USA could do better if we looked at the top ten selling pickups!

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