Saturday, March 9, 2024

Cars and Coffee? Exotics and Espresso!

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in the rain, the title of my new album. 

After attending many Cars and Coffee events from coast to coast, today I tried something TOTALLY different! At Lamborghini of Charlotte, they host an event titled Exotics and Espresso! Did the rain stop me? Did I drink a free coffee and see some cool cars? Let's go!

Thanks to Lamborghini of Charlotte for hosting and providing free coffee and donuts! The large enthusiastic crowd came out in the rain, ate, drank, and took about a
gazillion photos of their great cars! Those of us working to avoid a 2nd heart attack stuck with the coffee and skipped the huge donuts. 

There was a big crowd for the rain, and it was amazing to see so many automobile fans attend this event. With the combination of snacks and exotic cars, well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised since this was FREE. Did I mention that "free" is my favorite flavor too? Well, it is!

Lamborghini draws a lot of attention with their sports cars, but their high performance the Urus SUV has a lot of fans also. Maybe you're not a fan of the purple, but I'm sure it's an awesome ride!

The Huracan in blue. 

The Huracan interior looks to be a nice place to be!

Back outdoors in the raindrops, there were a handful Lambos and about a dozen new Lotus Emiras on display. Here's a Lamborghini in another color. 

The Lotus Emira is a new car, and it starts at $99,000 in the 1st edition model. What-a-ya get for that? You get a car that goes 171mph with 360 horsepower. Read all about it at this link: 

I liked the First Edition badge, and the raindrops look cool too!

Emira side view, yes, the engine is behind the driver. 


The Emiras I saw were in yellow, blue, dark gray, lighter gray, and a dark green, I think. 
Their website has 13 color options!

Engine cover under the rear hatch.

My Oxford English Dictionary and Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia don't tell me what a group of Emiras are called. Herd? Bunch? Pod? Pack? Lotta Lotus?

Hmm, front view of the Lotus, looks to be air intakes like most cars. 

Two-piece brakes.

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