Sunday, February 19, 2023

Cars. Coffee. Cowabunga!

NMS on the scene, reporting live!

Cars. That's that this blog is all about.

Coffee. That's what makes pretty much everything on Earth possible! Don't believe me? Did the dinosaurs have coffee? No, I think we can conclude they did not. Are they still around? No, I'm going out on a limb and saying there are NO dinosaurs around. So, therefore, Coffee IS what makes everything on Earth possible. QED. CSN. BLT on RYE, whatever those initials mean. 

Today was another in a series of every Sunday Cars and Coffee events close to NMS-North, in a parking lot at the Manhasset NY Macys store. To be honest, I usually take my own coffee, but today I splurged big and purchased a coffee at the Starbucks inside the Macys. Not a big deal, since billions of people probably do that every day, but being a cheapskate, I'm usually happy making my own coffee for a lot less CASH. The other odd thing is that the cars event started at 9AM, but the Starbucks doesn't open on Sundays until 10AM. Oh well, on to the cars. 


Ha, I fooled you! I said CARS and then showed you the COFFEE! Or as I hear it pronounced around here, CAWFEE. This is a special home brew in a very special Max Verstappen mug from my wonderful daughter Katie. She bought it in Amsterdam, so let's drink to Max possibly winning a 3rd consecutive world championship in F1 this year. NOW THE CARS. Let's just look at the super-duper-awesome (SDA) cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche that I spotted today. 

No, I did not SPOT them like paint them with polka dots, I SPOTTED them as in I saw them. Geeze, you need a dictionary to figure this out. 

McLaren, I believe this is a GT model. 

This front end means BUSINESS. 

Yeah, McLaren does Papaya Orange all day long!

Porsche GT3 RS

The center-lock wheels always look awesome to me. Not everyone can rock 
a purple car with yellow brake calipers, but a GT3RS pulls it off. 

This wing is so big, I'm not even going to say SPOILER ALERT

Ferrari 458, NOT IN RED!

Sure, everyone is looking at these 2 Ferraris and the Lambo on the left, no one
pays attention to a lowly Cayman on the right. 

I like the Prancing Horse of Ferrari, but this shot with the shadowy reflection caught my eye. 

This Ferrari F8 Tributo is not red either. Puple after-market wheels. 

The clear engine cover and Italian flag graphics are nice.


Lamborghini STO. The central strake above must be for aerodynamics, but I liked 
the reflection of the Lamborghini badge in the paint too.

Just WOW!
The exhaust seems higher than most cars, maybe that helps performance?

Lots of openings for the air to aid performance. 

Lamborghini again! Huracan Evo.

Huracan in blue

Looks nice without the huge spoiler too!

McLaren 720S, NOT in Papaya!

The spoiler is up, I believe it can retract down like some Porsches.

McLaren, looking down the driver's door towards the front. 
Various channels for the air flow out of the front wheel arches
and into the mid-mounted engine.

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