Sunday, October 9, 2022

Electric Cars

All-electric Audi e-tron, with "BOO GAS" tag. 

You just might have read a thing or two about electric cars. Heck, you might have even driven, or own one by now! This past weekend I spotted an all-electric Audi e-Tron with a hilarious license plate that read "BOO GAS" and it got me thinking about electric cars. Oh, first off, I'm thinking Boo Gas is referring to the electric car, but if I'm wrong and it's an early Halloween joke of some kind with "BOO!" meant to scare me, well, whatever. 

I don't want to start any fights about gasoline, or the political influence that is now mandating the end of new gas-powered cars in the future, since the way I see it, these are just facts. In addition to some European countries, and California, recently the state of New York joined the ban on future sales of new gas-powered cars (starting in 2035.) Hey, just for fun, let's refer to the engines in those kind of cars like they do in Formula 1. Yes, the old-fashioned ICE cars, with Internal Combustion Engines. Ice cars, ha ha ha! There, did that lighten the mood? Do you need air conditioning in your ICE car? Did Fred Flintstone drive an Ice Car in the Ice Age? Ho-ho-ho!

Anyway, the Audi e-Tron that inspired this discussion is a member of the VW company, which just recently spun off another family member in a stock IPO, namely, Porsche. The long history of the relationship of Porsche and VW is way too complicated for me to explain or understand 100%, so I'll just say that the most likely result of the Porsch stock IPO is that the two families that run VW and Porsche are the ones most likely to benefit! Funny how business works that all revolves around money somehow!

OK, just to say this, my best guess is that even with the future of cars being electric, or hydrogen, or unobtanium powered, the gas-powered cars we have now will still be around and need gas, and need maintenance, and need roads, for many years to come. Let's hope the scientists and rule makers come up with the best solution for the car fans, and for our planet. 

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