Saturday, December 11, 2021

Lemons Race: Day 1 Update


After the first of 2 days in the 24 Hours of Lemons race at Road Atlanta, the Bunch of Idiots Miata is sitting in  11th place overall, out of 108 entries. The Miata is racing in the top A Class, so within their own class they are in 7th place, just 4 laps down on the overall leading car. Brian reports that he drove the first 3 hours, the team battled through some rain and lots of yellow flags in good shape, and then literally on the last lap of Saturday's racing, the car started experiencing some kind of coolant leak. This dropped them a couple of positions right at the end of the day, but the team was able to quickly diagnose the issue. A belt had rubbed against one of the radiator hoses, which caused the coolant leak, so it looks like this will be a quick over night repair, and they'll be back on track tomorrow morning. 


The track was experiencing some heavy fog early in the morning, and sure enough, that turned into enough rain to force teams to get onto their best tires. As if that wasn't enough trouble, lightning in the area caused a break in the action briefly and everyone found some shelter. Sure, you can drive your car around on the street, or even on a track in the rain and lightning, but, well, the corner workers and all the race staff working outdoors are pretty much stuck out in the lightning, so tracks will stop the racing when lightning is close. 

Look for more updates to the end of the race on Sunday!

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