Sunday, February 16, 2020

New Car Show: Rhode Island Edition

Recently, those of us in New York had a critical decision to make. While some New Yorkers might have had to decide if they'd take the Ferrari out in the rain, those of us with cheaper cars could choose between new car shows in Harrisburg PA or Providence RI. We went with RI this time, so as a bonus can check that off the list of 50 states we've visited.

While the show wasn't New York, Detroit, Washington DC, or Philadelphia sized, we enjoyed the friendly folks and plenty of other new cars to check out. Here's some highlights. 

Highlight of the show, a 2020 Corvette. The big news is that the Corvette is now mid-engine, and right about now they should start rolling off the assembly line in Bowling Green KY. 

Another highlight from a different Detroit builder, the 2020 Ford GT 500 Shelby Cobra. 

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