Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New Corvette Unveiling

Maybe you've heard of the folks in Detroit called Chevrolet and their automobile the Corvette? You know, the one that's as American as Apple Pie? The 'Vette has been with us since 1953 or so, and this year's new update really is BIG NEWS, because it will be the first Corvette with the engine behind the driver! To be specific, we're told it's mid-engine, so the engine sits between the front and rear wheels.

Also big news, you don't have to be at some super expensive car show in an exotic location to see the official unveiling, because Chevrolet has joined the 21st century and will stream it live on the Internet! You know, the INTERNET, it's on your computer now! CAR AND DRIVER CORVETTE INFO

According to our friends at Car and Driver magazine, the event will happen on July 18th at 10:30PM Eastern Time, so 7:30PM in California. To be precise, here's the Chevy page that will carry the show, complete RIGHT NOW with a countdown timer just in case you like that sort of thing. CHEVY CORVETTE MEDIA

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