Saturday, March 16, 2019

NMS Announces Formula 1 Team for 2019!

In a few hours the new season of Formula One starts in Australia, and in this EXCLUSIVE scoop on the NMS blog, we're announcing the formation of not one, not two, but THREE new Formula 1 teams that will be competing this season at the highest level of motorsport!

To have a real Formula 1 team you'd need several hundred engineers, mechanics, drivers, and support staff, along with several hundred MILLION dollars to pay them and build the cars. However, thanks to NEW GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY, the NMS team is now able to run three teams at once, from the comfort of their own home. I mean, from the comfort of their NMS-North World Wide Motorsports Headquarters located in the Empire State on a lengthy body of land entirely surrounded by water, AKA: Long Island.

Have we split the atom? Robbed a bank? Bought out a bankrupt trio of racing teams? Bribed the FIA judges to allow us to race three teams?

No, we just entered the OFFICIAL FORMULA ONE Fantasy on-line competition! Ha, you didn't really think we had enough money to buy a team did you? Of course you didn't! If you played Fantasy Football or Rotisserie Baseball, then you know how this works. Pick a team of drivers and one constructor, based on their value and a given budget, and results from the real racing will give you points based on their performance. After each race you can swap out one driver or your constructor. Beyond that, they have some kind of scoring for beating your team-mate and other trivial contests, but I'd have to read the rules to figure that stuff out!

So, here's a look at the NMS-North fantasy F1 teams. We'll see how they stack up against thousands of other players around the world in the months to come. Last year we pretty much stunk up the joint in this game, but with so many entries we still beat thousands of people. Kind of like our driving, as long as LOT of people are driving, we'll likely beat someone!


My first team above features Bottas, Kvyat, Magnussen, Raikkonen, and Vettel. I picked Red Bull for my team since I spent a lot to get Vettel and Bottas, but figured I better have one Mercedes and one Ferrari driver to score big points. Those two teams should be the best this year, and starting with this first race in Australia we'll find out.


Above is team two, and to save driver money I didn't pick any Ferrari drivers, and went with Verstappen, Bottas, Grosjean, Raikkonen, and Kvyat. Similar drivers to team one, but by saving money I could afford the expensive Ferrari here. Hopefully this pays off, and this team should score better than team one. 


OK, my final team (you can only pick three), and I went for the 5 time champ and most expensive driver Hamilton, saved money on Ferrari #2 LeClerc, and got some bargains like Norris, Magnussen, and Gasly. Based on real qualifying, rookie driver Norris surprised everyone and put his McLaren into the top ten, so this could be an awesome point scoring deal for yours truly! Money wise I still spent a lot with Hamilton, so went with probably the best bang-for-the-buck team of Haas, which is looking good since both their drivers qualified in the top ten and should be bringing me huge points!

Stay tuned for some updates on these teams, and I'll be honest and show you how many hundreds of thousands of other fantasy players outscore me! You can sign up yourself at any time this season at 

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