Friday, February 28, 2014

Autocross Results In Depth

Below is a chart of the some of the results from the 84 drivers at the first autocross of the season. This list is just the "Street" categories, all lumped together with their modified PAX times.

The first column is easy enough to read, it's the placings from 1st to 28th place based on PAX time, so you can see the best driving time of each driver ranged from 29.115 seconds to 37.933.  The letter "T" on places 1-6 tells you that if a class has 28 competitors, then normally there will be a trophy awarded down to 6th place. If there had only been 3 drivers, then only 1 person gets a trophy.  Imagine that, like real life, not everyone always gets a trophy!

The second column is just the shorthand version of class of car, rated from A thru H (fastest to slowest), and they all end in "S" for "Street" category.  You can see Brian in 2nd place is in the ES class, and Bob is way down in 5th place in GS.

The third column is car number, and each driver can pick whatever two digit number they want. If you see a three digit car, like the #112 Scion, that tells you that it's a car with two different drivers.  One driver is #12, and the other driver adds a 1 in front of the #12.   Just like last year Brian is #86 and Bob is #77.  For what it's worth, Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas has also picked number 77 this year, so I'm sure he's jumping on the Nixon Motor Sports Bandwagon too!

Next up you can see the driver name, and then the make and model of car.  Lots of Miatas in autocross!

Third column from the end we get the driver's fastest time on the day (out of 6 runs we did last Sunday), and these times here have already been PAX modified.  

The next to last column gives time behind the place just ahead of you, so you can see that Brian in 2nd was just over 1 second down on 1st place, and 0.097 ahead of 3rd place.  Brian also wants you to know that he was 0.442 seconds ahead of Bob, and fastest NMS driver and fastest ES driver on the day. Remember, if you can back it up, it's not bragging!

Last column is total time behind the class winner.

So what does all this mean?  It might mean that the order gives a general idea of how good each car is!  Or it might be a general idea of which driver is faster too! My thoughts are that it's a combination of the two, with the driver part counting for more of the equation. On the other hand, seeing two Focus STs and two Miatas in the top 4 here might also be a good clue that if you are interested in autocross, that these models of car might be a good ride to be in if you want to be competitive.

Of course there are a few other variables, like what tires were used, condition of the car, what modifications allowed in STREET might be on each car, what the driver had for breakfast, what kind of gas was in the car, how hot the day was, and a lot of other variables.

That's what makes this so much fun and keeps you coming back for more: trying to tweak all those variables and hit the perfect autocross run!
 'Street Pax' Total Entries: 28
1Tgs26Justin PobinettFord Focus ST29.115[-]1.077-
2Tes86Brian Nixon2004 Mazda MS Miata30.192+1.077+1.077
3Tes26Tyson Bevirt1995 Mazda Miata30.289+0.097+1.174
4Tgs17Michael Arnold2014 Ford Focus ST30.297+0.008+1.182
5Tgs77Robert Nixon2013 Fiat 500 Abarth30.634+0.337+1.519
6Tes89Kyle Ray-Smith2001 Mazda Miata30.746+0.112+1.631
7ds47Chris Skidmore2012 Chevrolet Camaro31.005+0.259+1.890
8es93Schuyler Hidde2000 Mazda Miata31.050+0.045+1.935
9hs12Kelly Mezzapelle2007 Scion tC31.066+0.016+1.951
10ds24Nate Lehmannchevy camaro31.078+0.012+1.963
11cs77Bret Lucarelli2003 Nissan 350Z31.120+0.042+2.005
12es11Randall SmithToyota MR231.182+0.062+2.067
13cs27Garick Black2013 Toyota GT-8631.198+0.016+2.083
14fs11James FlesherDodge Challenger31.620+0.422+2.505
15es17Zachary SmithMazda Rx731.772+0.152+2.657
16es126Andrea Harrismiata31.842+0.070+2.727
17gs7Terry McClureVolks Scirocco31.845+0.003+2.730
18ds12Cody CarterCamaro32.037+0.192+2.922
19hs112Thom Mezzapelle2007 Scion tC32.521+0.484+3.406
20cs18Michael AdamsScion FRS32.637+0.116+3.522
21bs35Regina Ward2007 BMW Z432.758+0.121+3.643
22fs13Derrike Black2007 Ford Mustang GT33.199+0.441+4.084
23cs17Christopher KnightScion FRS34.745+1.546+5.630
24fs21Jerry ChrstopherOlds Holiday 8835.320+0.575+6.205
25str27Dan ChristopherMazda MX535.641+0.321+6.526
26gs46Robbie Solesbee2004 Ford Mustang36.214+0.573+7.099
27hs69Robert SmebyMitsubishi Mirage36.579+0.365+7.464
28bs4Clara KnightHonda S200037.933+1.354+8.818

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