2014 and 2013

Brian (left) at Darlington 2014

2014:   In our 1st full season competing in the South Carolina Region, Brian finished in 3rd place in ES, and Robert landed in 2nd place in GS.  Here's a recap of monthly highlights and the final points for drivers with a minimum of 5 events.

FEB: A two day non-points event held at Stratford High School: On Saturday Brian had the fastest ES time, and took 1st in ES again on Sunday!  Against ALL 28 Street category drivers, Brian took 2nd, and Robert 5th, so Brian gets the first NMS Drive of the Day!

MAR:  At the first points event at Darlington, we welcomed Andre Goncalves to the NMS squad! He co-drove the Fiat Abarth, and finished in 2nd place GS in his first autocross ever, so we have to award NMS Drive of the Day to Andre!

APR:  Points event #2 saw Brian running in ES, and his time easily took the NMS drive of the day. The course at Michelin was very fast and fun, and we both took 5 points for 4th place in our classes.(For Robert, 4th place sounds a lot better than "last in GS")

MAY: Brian headed down to Savannah for an autocross with the Buccaneer region of the SCCA, and ended up with a solid 2nd place in the ES class, as well as top 50% on raw time and in the top third on PAX times too!

At Darlington on May 10th, Brian held down 3rd place out of 7 drivers in ES, moving him up to 3rd in class for the year, while in GS, Robert grabbed 2nd out of 4 drivers on the day and is now in a tie for first for the season, as well as his first NMS drive of the day.

Up at Carolina Motorsports Park on May 26th,  Brian joined the CCR bunch on Memorial Day for a unique autocross on part of the CMP track.  Brian took 1st in ES, and 22nd on PAX time out of 103 total drivers, an excellent result that put him ahead of about 79% of the field.

 JUNE:   On the 15th we were in Winston Salem NC with the TRIAD Sports Car Club, and they put on a great event on a tough little circuit.  Out of 5 drivers in GS, we shared the FIAT and Robert took 2nd and Brian placed 4th on Fathers Day. Robert awards himself NMS drive of the day for going faster in his own car!

Sunday the 22nd found us at Michelin, where Brian takes the NMS drive of the day for taking 2nd in ES with a lot of quick Miatas, while Robert enjoyed driving but finished 7th  in the pack of 10 entries.

JULY:  On the 5th Brian was up in Ohio and entered an event held at National Trail Raceway, where he finished overall PAX 29th out of 84 drivers, beating 66% of the field!

Saturday the 12th had Brian in Charleston with SCR while Robert was unavailable.  Brian fought through the wet weather and ended the day in the midfield of ES. His first run (before the rain hit) would have landed him in 2nd at the end of the day if not for hitting one cone, so a dry day would have seen some faster times.

Sunday the 13th saw Brian back in action with the Triad Sports Car Club in Winston-Salem, where he redeemed his results from Saturday with a first place finish for ES.

AUGUST Saturday the 30th we both drove at Darlington, with Brian taking the NMS Drive of the Day with 3rd in ES (keeping 3rd for the year), while Robert was down on points while also keeping a lock on 3rd in GS.

SEPTEMBER: On the 27th  at the Michelin Proving Grounds was a great day weather wise, with Brian co-driving a Miata in CS and Robert's FIAT still in GS. No class wins or changes in season long standings, but Robert takes driver of the day for finishing about 1/10th faster than Brian. After this event, Robert would move to Virginia for his job, so this is where his season with the SCR ended.

OCTOBER: Brian completes a ton of work on his new 99 Miata, and then hours later drives it in competition for the first time, with a  2nd place in ES!  400 miles to the north, Robert takes 1st place in GS with the Tidewaters Sports Car Club. That's gotta be worth an NMS drive of the day to both drivers! Congrats to Jeremy Garrido for also driving the Abarth in his first autcross, taking 2nd place in GS! Heck, let's give him a Drive of the Day too!

NOVEMBER:  Brian drives the new-used Miata to 2nd place at Florence SC, and if he'd stop hitting cones his times would put him in first!  Still worth the drive of the day!

South Carolina Region E STREET 2014 FINAL
ES – E Street 2014Points W/DropsE-1E-2E-3E-4E-5E-6E-7E-8E-9
1TKyle Ray-Smith646488810101010
2TTyson Bevirt5050104108810
3Brian Nixon46465685688
4Kyle DeGennaro2828355456
5Andrea Harris202064235

South Carolina Region G STREET 2014 FINAL
GS–  G Street 2014Points W/DropsE-1E-2E-3E-4E-5E-6E-7E-8E-9
1TMichael Arnold6662610488101010
2Robert Nixon2727558234



2014 Bottom Line: Brian cleanly takes the "Drive of the Day" title for NMS, while Andre Goncalves and Jeremy Garrido take our Rookie of the Year award since each of them drove the FIAT to 2nd place in different events in their first ever autocross drives!

2013: In our first ever autocross events during half of the 2013 season, Brian drove the 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata (wearing number 86) in the C Stock class, while Robert drove the 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth (number 77) in G Stock.  After competing in a handful of events, Brian took 4th out of 16 drivers and Robert was 2nd out of 14 drivers.

Following this first experience at Autocross, we wrote up and printed a history of our driving in 2013 to give to our family members at Christmas, and then Brian launched this blog in December of 2013.

C Stock 2013Points W/DropsE-1E-2E-3E-4E-5E-6E-7E-8
1Dan Humphries706010101010101010
2Kyle DeGennaro44398565668
3Garick Black3636686844
4Brian Nixon1717

5Wesley Bird1414563
6 Brad Herring1212642
7 Jay Guerrero101010
8 Richard Raley888
8 Kyle Ray-Smith888
8 Thomas Seith888
8 JR Stroud888
12 Ryan Anderson444
13 J Robert Manuel333
13 Alex Quinones333
15 Robert Nixon222
16 Michael Harrington111

G Stock 2013Points W/DropsE-1E-2E-3E-4E-5E-6E-7E-8
1Robbie Solesbee3636102888
2Robert Nixon3434

3Alex Winkler161688
4Gregory Blanton131385
5Eric Hecht101010
5Brandon Lee101010
5Keil Schmid101010
5Marcus Womer101010
9 Scott Birchfield666
9 Travis Fabel666
9 Stephen Whitmire666
12 Kenneth Bury555
13 Will Birchfield444
14 Steven Grandsoult333

NMS helmets at Carolina Metroplex 2013

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